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Water Spot Removal

Time required: 1 - 3 man hours
Cost: Billed hourly. ($145/hr)
Details: Calcium, Tannic Acid and Alkaline are the culprits of those harsh water spots on your car's paint. Over time, they become embedded in the paint, are very difficult to remove and should be removed with care. Water spots are also caused by the water from sprinkler systems, acid rain, or harsh mineral water. Calcium or cement deposits come from parking your car in a parking garage; When it rains, the minerals and deposits in the cement ceiling decompose and drip onto your car, causing major damage. The Detail Doctor treats these common ailments, using environmentally safe products with gentle methods for removing water spots, from all parts of your vehicle. Come by for a quote! Ask about our Glass Treatment, recommended for water spots found on your car's windows.


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