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Daily Driver Concours Detail

Time required: 8 - 10 man hours
Cost: $750.00 + extra for station wagons, large coupe’s, 4 door sedans, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.
Details: This process is a level above our Full Reconditioning Detail. Much more time and effort go into the exterior, as well as the interior for vehicles in need of extra attention. This process introduces the first level of paint correction (not full-paint correction). For full paint correction and even more extensive detailing, try the level above this treatment, The Concours d' Elegance Detail.

  • Begins with an extensive wash preparation; chemical rinse of door jambs, wheels/ wheel wells, debugging and tar removal. Wheels receive a deep cleaning inside and out, followed by a hand-wash. Vehicle is wiped and dried with compressed air, then all paintwork and glass are decontaminated with our clay bar treatment which removes embedded road grime and environmental fallout.
  • First-stage paint correction is an extensive clear-coat leveling process, using compounds, multiple wool and foam pads to remove medium to heavy paint imperfections (some paint imperfections and scratches may be too severe and in need of touch-up paint). Next, we address the remaining flaws to restore the paint surface to a brilliant shine, truly a deep reconditioning for your car's paint, removing medium to heavy scratches, drastic holograms, buffer-swirls and heavy oxidation. Our entry-level, hand-crafted sealant or carnauba based wax is applied to all exterior paintwork, then removed. Painted wheels receive a coat of wheel sealant/wax on wheel faces. Polished wheels will be polished with a metal polish that contains a protectant and tires will be dressed. All chrome and stainless steel will be cleaned and polished.
  • The interior will receive a very thorough vacuuming of carpets and floor mats, as well as upholstery and between the seats. A pre-oxy treatment is applied, followed by a hot water carpet shampoo and steam clean extraction. Carpets and upholstery are left fresh and clean, using compressed air to get in those nooks and cranny's. Leather will be cleaned and conditioned using our Premium Leather products, making a huge difference on high-end leather upholstery. Vinyl/plastic will be scrubbed clean, including door panels, dash, center console, cup holders, all compartments, trunk, cargo areas and seats, if applicable. Interior windows, rear view mirror, vanity mirrors, instrumentation and navigation screens will be left streak-free, a final vacuum and inspection will be performed. Extra time is allotted on the interior detailing service to ensure cleanliness throughout. This concludes our Daily Driver Concours Detail. We recommend this service as a great initial treatment for vehicles in need of deep reconditioning and for car owners wanting their vehicle to look its very best.
Does Not Include:
  • Wet sanding.
  • Wheel-removal.
  • Removal of seats/floor carpeting, padding.
  • Removal of interior/exterior parts.
  • Major paint over-spray.


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**Upcharge for all exotic, classic, specialty vehicles, station wagons, large coupe’s, 4 door sedans, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.**
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