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Specialty Waxes / Estate Glazes

Titanium - $45 Vintage - $145.00
Glasur/Porsche - $45 Concours - $75.00
Ebony/Black Wax - $35  
Rouge/Red Wax - $35  
Ital Glaze - $50  
* All prices are per application - Upcharge for SUV’s & Trucks*

Zymol is the product The Detail Doctor stands by because of its unique formula developed and handcrafted in Germany during the late 1800’s. Zymol has been engineered to be an entirely plant-based product that it is today. It uses nutritive oils to replace the oils originally found in your vehicle’s finish without the use or harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Because of the many types of vehicles out in the world today from Ferrari and Porsche to your everyday Ford, Zymol has crafted unique formulas for the world’s different vehicles. The formulas contain rare Brazilian Carnaubas and oils for optimal protection and sheen. The Carnauba content in the different waxes ranges from 37% to 61% (high amounts of Carnauba result in longer protection) with Vintage being the highest in Carnauba that The Detail Doctor has to offer to the Zymol Carbon. These blends of exotic waxes and glazes are available upon request for our customers due to the variety of vehicles out there.


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