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New Car Detailing

That new car you just purchased could be the second largest investment you will make. It is important to not only maintain what goes on under the hood, but also to protect the exterior paint and trim, as well as the interior materials.

We regularly receive requests for detailing from customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle. When asked what kind of detail they would like, they often reply with something similar to “Well, it is a brand new car, so it doesn't need much”. In our experience over the years, we found that new car owners are unaware of what condition a new car's exterior coating should look like. Whether it happens at the factory, during shipping, at the port, or at the dealership, many new cars show signs of paint flaws, even before delivery is taken.

We often find wet sanding marks, "swirl marks" or "hologramming", from improper buffing techniques as well as overspray on cars that should have a flawless finish. This is a condition common in both high production economy cars and high-end vehicles, such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi, to name a few. Luckily, these imperfections are not usually permanent and can be corrected by our highly skilled professionals.

Our common New Car Detail includes a light clay bar, one stage polish and sealant wax designed to last from 20 to 25 weeks, as well as an interior vacuum, wipe down, minor de-spotting and stain guard and leather treatment (when applicable). Our cost is $350.00 (price for a mid-size sedan).

Auto dealerships offer services such as “Lifetime Paint Sealant", which claim that you will never have to wax your car again! The idea of a coating for your car that will protect its paint forever, is a fantastic one and we wish it were true. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the market that will protect your car's paint forever. Even thick vinyl coatings like Xpel Clear Bra Click for more info , need to be refreshed at some point during your vehicle’s lifetime, depending on the auto's maintenance schedule. Bring your car to The Detail Doctor and ask for a New Car Detail and compare our prices of Xpel Clear bra installation vs. 3M Clearbra installed by your dealership.

Time required: 1.5 - 2.0 man hours
Cost: $350.00 + extra for station wagons, large coupe’s, 4 door sedans, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.
Details: This treatment was designed for customers with new or well maintained vehicles. Machine applied, one-stage cleaner/polish, provides very light paint cleansing (not correction), followed by a hand-rubbed, carnauba wax. This will last 20-25wks, depending on storage, maintenance, weather, mileage and conditions.

  • Hand-wash over the entire vehicle, wheels, arches and doors, engine and trunk jambs.
  • Vehicle is hand dried using compressed air and synthetic absorber towels.
  • Full paint decontamination with Clay Bar treatment which removes embedded transport grime.
  • 1st stage cleaner polish.
  • 2nd stage hand applied carnauba protection.
  • Tires dressed, blow out, inside & out side windows and a thorough vacuuming.
Does Not Include:
  • Wet Sanding or over spray removal.
  • No paint correction will be achieved. Paint will be protected but surface imperfections will remain.
  • Heavy shampooing or cleaning of Interior.
  • Heavy machine compounding.
  • Upgraded waxes and glazes.
  • Surface scratches.
Next Service Recommendation: To maintain this level of detail, we recommend hand washing weekly or bi-monthly and following up with wax after 20-25 wks . Be sure to ask for a free assessment at the time of a hand wash to see if your car could benefit from a coat of wax or a detail.


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