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Paint Correction

At the Detail Doctor all paint correction services are performed by our highly trained and skilled technicians, this is a very labor intensive process. Our technicians will be using the Rupes Big Foot System which consists of a line of gel polishing compounds, wool & foam pads as well as a dual action orbital polisher.

Full wet sanding by estimate only.

It is our recommendation that imperfections/scratches too far into the vehicles clear coat should not be removed

Ask us about or different coatings after paint correction has been performed or see additional information on our website.

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Superior Hydrophobic Formula

By creating a hydrophobic & oleophobic topcoat over the surface of your paint or PPF, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating will bead and repel water, oils, corrosives, and much more.

Protection Against The Elements

FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating was created with car care in mind. Dust and surface contaminants like sap & grime have a harder time sticking to FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating once applied..

Adds Depth, Improves Shine & Surface Clarity

Want the “wet look?” FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your paint so detailing or paint correction can become a thing of the past.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Thanks to the the slick, non-stick surface of FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating, keeping your car looking its best means less washing, detailing, and money out of pocket. Save time & enjoy more of what your car has to offer.

1, 4, or 8 Year Warranty

Your application of XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for 4 years from initial installation.

Designed With PPF (Paint Protection Film) In Mind

While having Paint Protection Film is not necessary to Ceramic Coat your car, some things just work better together. XPEL PPF & FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can be combined to maximize protection for long term car care.